Am i right or wrong help

Ok so my boyfriends family come over and messes with MY STUFF they'll go in our bedroom dig crap out of the closet string stuff all over the bedroom wont put anything back well i have a calender hanging on the wall with a pen on it its a nice pen writes really nice its been there every day but all of a sudden its gone im assuming his siter took it an lost it in the house she lies like crazy an won't say anything about it but peraonally I was taught you don't go into somone elses house an mess with their stuff an if you do at least have enough respect to put it back right im furious not just because its a pen but my property my belongings you know I dont mess with their shot when im over there do y'all agree or disagree would you be pissed? An they're both in there making fun of me for being pissed about it

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