Which one is more humane? And which one is animal abuse? Sorry it’s off topic

Let me preface this; a few years ago, at night, a baby opossum would always come to me and hang out with me.. I would stay up and just hang.. no touching or nothing.. until it wandered off.. this happened several nights in a row.. one day I hear my dog in the back getting into a scuffle and see that he took baby posh (my nickname for it) and nearly killed it.. it was hanging on by a thread. I called out to my SO to come end it’s life to put it out of the misery and he couldn’t.. he wanted to just bury it alive! I said “NO FUCKING WAY” and took a shovel and ended it.. it sucked, I cried, I didn’t want to do it.. but I didn’t want it to suffer anymore!!

WELL!! More recently a close friend of mine had a peacock coming around often.. like everyday.. for months!! And she LOVED this peacock!! They are very violent so she never got to close but we all enjoyed watching him (I have been attacked by a peacock before so I am terrified but this was nice)

One day, she comes home from work. The drive way and yard were filled with feathers.. she ended up finding him being attacked by raccoons.. immediately calls me over.. by the time I get there this poor bird was screaming in pain (that’s the best I can describe it) and it was obvious he was going to die! So we loaded him up in the car, me in the back seat, holding him!! He was so close to death he wasn’t even fighting.. just screaming!! It was over an hour ride to the special hospital to put him down.. I feel like the most humane thing to do would have been to end it right there! I feel like they made him suffer so much!! Turns out, she wanted to get his feathers and have him cremated.. what would be more of abuse to you? Ending the misery as soon as possible? Or letting an animal live its last hours in horrible pain?

Update: not talking about blunt force trauma at all but severing the head.. I know it’s gruesome.. but in my culture, we did it regularly for food.. so it’s a little easier for me.. but in my mind I’m quickly ending it