Im so confused ..* LONG *

Idk where to even begin yall. Like fr. We just moved back from Iowa (( me, fiance, and our baby )) We had to move in with his aunt and uncle and cousins. HO-LY SH*T. So we got into an argument about me going to the hospital ( I had a uti that turned into a kidney infection and almost died at the hospital bc it went untreated so long ) and his uncle butt in saying do we even love each other, we need to focus on baby etc. Then he said he disnt care what we had to say etc. Fast forward, I kept my daughter in the living room on the floor where the carpet is bc she started crawling. Uncle got mad and said Im keeping her from everyone when in reality she banged her head up pretty good and I was tired of her getting hurt by the tile and dogs. I told him that and he said to watch her better and that idk how to parent .. Later after that, me and my fiance were arguing again about what to do to spend time together and the uncle butt in again saying just break up, Im gonna adopt your daughter, shut up etc. We apologized and he said I dont care and left. Fast forward later .. My daughter didnt wanna go in her walker, didnt wanna crawl didnt wanna nap, she wanted to cuddle with me so i laid on the couch to cuddle her. The whole ASS FAMILY comes in saying I dont do shit, I need a job etc. (( I already had job interviews lined up, cant drive, have no experience, and JUST got out of the hospital from UTI)) I ignored them and they went and did their shit. Go more into it, me and my fiance were talking crap to each other, just playing, about who was gonna make the other food. He didnt wanna get me food that his aunt made for dinner, so i joked saying i was gonna starve.. she thought i said the food was bad, but instead of asking me to see what i said she told uncle and he came out yelling that i can leave if i have problems here, and that im ungrateful, and that our daughter doesnt need us (( she was like 8 months at the time )) i kept apologizing and they ignored me and left me to cry. Move forward later, I was talking to my fiance about moving to a place and being room mates with a good close friend and getting their place when the lease was up. My fiance started crying and when uncle found out, he told me that i was worthless, dumb, and inconsiderate. Again. Said I should leave and dont bother taking my daughter. My husband was crying bc he thought i meant just me and our daughter. Didnt get to talk about it for a while 🙃 After that uncle told us he bought us a car, but now we cant have it bc of what i did .. I didnt do ANYTHING. I clean there, i take care of the dogs, i fix things, and watch my daughter and do school. So now he gave it to his daughter and bought ANOTHER car for his wife and rubbed it in our faces knowing we need one for appointments. hubbys license is suspended bc of no insurance on our vehicle and our car got towed. i only have my permit rn. Now im stressed, and overwhelmed. I decided to stay in our room yesterday to do school bc i was 3 days behind and the aunt got mad bc she said i was avoiding everyone. nobody goes in the living room when im there, except one of the cousins. I havent done SHIT wrong either. Anyway I tried telling her i was doing school i already did the cleaning, and she refused to listen. Told uncle. He said to leave me alone. She came in said sorry in a petty tone and then left. STILL wont talk to me. Like i already told her what i was doing today and said if she needed help to just ask me. THEN i got yelled at by the uncle bc i was sitting on their new couch and they said how can i disrespect new things they buy and idk what i did, i was just sitting there, i didnt break or rip anything .. I was holding my daughter so i moved to the floor then they got mad about THAT. like wtf do you want me to fucking do. I plan on moving this tuesday i believe, my hubby is nervous bc he loves his job but i cant take it. they know i have depression ,anxiety, and bipolar. I dont have my meds bc no insurance here. They dont care 🙃 I already tried having conversations with them but they literally DO NOT care. im tired of them telling me how to care for my daughter and how im a POS. They treat my fiance like hes retarded and they show lack of respect to him when theyre home but when hes at work theyre proud and happy. idk if its me or them but im mentally and physically drained. we only been here 3 months .. Im just tryna be a mom and graduate highschool and get ourselves started. Its carzy 🤦🏼‍♀️ im confused. Am I in the wrong for all of this ?? Are they being rude ?