Should I?

So recently I had found out my boyfriend cheated on me and we talked and my dumbass stayed he hasn’t spoken , texted , or anything from what I KNOW OF . Right. I’m feeling soo fucking insecure because he cash app a girl $115 and know I’m driving myself crazy on wtf she bought with $115 like plan b? Nails? Why did he send her money , YES I KNOW I should of left him and I know I’m an amazing person, I’m not made out to get hurt, but hey it happens right. So yeah I’m nervous and don’t know how to approach it because my anxiety is driving me crazy and I just want to run his face over.

P.S. I’m the kind of person if my waitress spits in my drink in front of me, I won’t even complain , I just won’t drink anything. I get taken advantage of by almost everyone in my life because I’m too soft and yeah any fucking advice ???

Also he sent the money when he cheated not recently. It’s not that I don’t want to leave, some people deserve second chances to realize what they’re going to loose. Currently it hurts rn because everything is so fresh and i haven’t had time to heal.