A day in the life...


My husband thinks i get to do "whatever I want all day", so I told him I would love for him to stay home with the baby for a week while I go to work. He replied with "I would love that." I told him, you want to know what my day looks like?

Wake up 3-4 times a night with the baby. Feed, change, spend 20 minutes getting him back to sleep. Finally get settled back to bed, babys pacifier falls out and he cries. Get up and pop it back in. Sleep for an hour before baby wakes again. Baby is wide awake for the day at 7am. Nurse baby. Get up, remember to take prenatal vitamin. Dress baby for the day. Try to get yourself something healthy for breakfast. Put on coffee. Put baby on playmat. Eat breakfast, feed the dogs, let dogs outside. Babys crying again. Go nurse baby, now dogs are barking to come inside. Coffee is now cold. Let dogs inside. Do tummy time with baby. Baby hates it, starts to scream. Pick up baby.

Next, try to get him down for a nap. Baby is finally asleep. Nows the time to clean the house, mop the floors, put a load of laundry in, do the dishes. Oh crap the dog peed all over the floor. Clean it up. Shoot, the baby needs more diapers and wipes. Its 2pm already? Did I eat lunch? Baby wakes up from nap. Nurse. Get him in his carseat, go to the store and get diapers and wipes. Baby starts to scream in the checkout line. Get to your car and nurse him in the car. Get home.

Oh good, Dad will be home soon. I can get a break while I make dinner. What am i going to make for dinner? Shoot, I needed to thaw the hamburger. Dads home. Its 5pm. Hes been working with insulation all day, so he cant hold him. Great. Try to make dinner while also tending to baby. Clean up dinner.

Give baby a bath, babys screaming. Get him dressed, changed, lotioned. Read him a story. Rock him. Nurse him. Hes finally asleep. Its 8:30pm. I'd love to watch a show but I'm too tired and I know I'll be up with baby in a few hours so I go to sleep.

Did I shower today? Put deodorant on? I don't remember.

I told him thats a typical day for me. He told me he takes back what he said about it being awesome to stay home for a week. 🤣