Finally Found Answers to my Infertility

After 5 long years of trying to conceive but no luck (not even once), after many fights to refuse bandaid <a href="">fertility treatment</a> solutions, and after 12 years of experiencing the most excrutiating period pain ever, I finally have an answer to my infertility. But let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I had to fight HARD. I had to trust my body and intuition over doctor opinions CONSTANTLY. I had TONS of cry fests at Starbucks lineups where I would watch mom's sipping coffee with their newborns and always be wondering "why am I left out of this world? So unfair." It's been such an emotional rollercoaster that it's no wonder I have severe anxiety. I share my journey with you all, to educate and be able to help other ladies out there trying for years on end.

To give you a little back story, my man and I were a baffling mystery case. I was overly fertile, perfectly healthy, tubes were clear, periods on schedule -- nothing wrong in the doctor's eyes. My boyfriend was also perfectly healthy -- nothing wrong on his end either. To the doctors and fertility specialists we were a complete mystery case. To the point where they were like "are you sure you're having sex even?" Lol

So after years of trying and investigating I mentally gave up in 2018. I was tired and depressed. One day I was having a bath to ease some very painful cramps. I was crying hysterically the pain was so bad. My intuition told me something was wrong and I made the connection to a disease my mom has: endrometriosis. After all the years of optimism, I shamefully made the confession that I probably had it.

The next day I ran over to my doctor. I told her my hunch and requested to get me tested for it. And you know what she told me? "No. Just go on birth control." Now I don't know what came over me, but all the years of being drug around this rollercoaster all bubbled up and I snapped. I said "are you kidding me?! I am trying to have a baby, not to mention that putting me on birth control is a bandaid solution. I need to know if I have this disease. I am sick of no one letting me see a gyno -- this is ridiculous."

After finally standing up for myself I finally got what I needed. I was connected with the most amazing gyno. I kid you not, first consult with me she heard my symptoms and agreed that I should be surgically tested.

On July 30 I had laproscopic surgery to check for it. There's no other way to check. It was terrifying, painful, the recovery was awful, BUT I finally found answers. The results were: I had stage 4 endrometriosis -- a disease commonly linked to infertility. It all made sense. Everything. And although I have a slightly higher chance of getting pregnant after the surgery, there is no guarantee, but at least I have educative knowledge now. I'm not just blindly trying and wasting more years.

The news was bittersweet. I still don't know what's ahead of me, but I'm glad I have answers. So, if you're having trouble conceiving and you have very heavy painful periods read up on endometriosis and request a check on it from your doctor or gyno. Getting the surgery to check is not easy -- you have to fight tooth and nail. But the sooner you catch it, the more chance you have of finding a solution to getting pregnant.

Hope my story helps you <3