Mental Health

I have been having outbursts lately. I have little control, my hands will shake and I will scratch down my face.

It is all because my husband resents helping me with our 5 month old. We are first time parents so are both learning and trying to enjoy every stage with our little boy.

I am always very calm and collected with the baby and have always tried to do everything on my own, but sometimes I ask my husband to help with a night feed or something along those lines to which he complains the entire time (even when I am busy cooking or washes plates)

I am desperate for just a few minutes to sit and relax sometimes and my husband expects me to do this alone even though I have him there to help.

I’m in a really difficult place because I’m trying to get through post natal depression without medication.

Before anyone says this, I can handle my baby! I know am a good mother and I know I’m doing a great job with him, would be nice for my husbands help and support though.

Also, I have so much respect for the single parents out there, you are literally amazing!