9 DAYS LATE.......

I’m currently 9 days late.

My cervix is high, hard and closed. I have milky discharge only when o check cervix and wipe but not much on my underwear. I’ve had some mild cramping. I also get some food aversion where randomly the though of certain things make me super sick. My pee is always cloudy and has some white kind of flakes in it... read somewhere that was someone’s first indication they were pregnant but not sure. I don’t really have many symptoms other than that.

I keep taking tests and BFN... vvvfl on some. I really don’t know what is up as I have never had a late period in my life! I’m religiously a 29 day cycle and now on CD 38! I don’t really have any sign that AF is going to start.

Also, I got a blood test at 5 days late but still not have the results back... which is annoying!

What the hell is going on! Has anybody had this before? Has anybody been more than 10 days late before their BFP? Or is something else going on?

I just want to know if I’m pregnant or not. Would be delighted for a BFP but if I’m not, I just want AF to come so I can start trying again.

I’m going to update constantly as I hate going on posts that are similar to mine without any updates!

Any help would be great 💗