*trigger warning* possible miscarriage



Thur. morning i went to the er for bleeding ive bled like this twice this past week and it started getting brighter red but only when i wipe

When i went in i was going by my period wich would make me around 7 weeks but going my when i ovulated id be around 4.5 weeks. Anyways they gave me and ultrasound and their was a sac but no maybe no heartbeat (wich isnt uncommon since its still so early) my hcg level was 547 wich is on the low/normal side i was told. They werent able to pinpoint where the bleeding was coming from so basically sent me on my way. Today around 3pm i experienced this

Im pretty sure this is not normal and im pretty sure im miscarrying i sant to stay positive but still live in reality. Its been a week sincd my first time spotting i just wish it would fully happen if its going to happen. My first doc appt is scheduled for Thursdays and im suppose to get more labs drawn for my levels on monday. I refuse to go to the doctor right now. Has anyone experienced this so early? Especially with the light bleeding happening a full week and being in and off like this :( im heartbroken