Sleep issues šŸ˜„


My poor girl is having issues sleeping. She's never napped well, but now it's even worse. She used to do 3, 20-40 min naps. Now she is doing 1-2, 20-40 min naps. The lack of naps I can do, if she made up for it at night, but she's even worse at night. At night she either goes down really well, or screams body murder for over an hour and will only sleep in my arms. She sleeps 3-5 hour stretches and during her wakings she screams bloody murder for over an hour again, and will also cry/scream in her sleep. I feel so bad for her, it's not the kind of scream that sounds like she's just protesting going to sleep, it the sad (maybe even painful), break my heart cry. Anyone else having these issues? She's been doing it for over 2 weeks.

Sleep regression? Growing pains? Teething (none visibly coming through)? Night terrors? Gas? We've tried motrin and gas drops, nothing has really helped her šŸ’” she's not going through a leap, but she is right at the beginning of the "grey zone".