Just need to rant..


Hi ladies, so me and my Fiancé have been trying for a baby for the last 3 cycles about to start 4th, so I know it's still early days. But my fiancé's sister has just announced she's 10 weeks pregnant with her first baby! I honestly wanted the ground to open up when she told us. I am super happy for them, but at the same time can't help but be jelous and gutted it's not us! My Fiancé and his sisters parents don't have any grandchildren and are desperate to be grandparents!! We really wanted to give them their first! But now my sister in law has swooped in and I can't help but feel annoyed about it. Does that make me awful? I feel terrible thinking so negatively about their pregnancy.. :(

I appreciate other people will be getting pregnant around me but we are really close to my sister in law and her husband too and not sure how I will cope with all the baby talk with my fiancé's family when it's not us :( how do you get through it!???