Glow ovulation Vs. OPK ovulation


Hey so I have a few different questions?

Do you guys only use glow. Or have several methods of testing ovulation?

If you use several methods (including glow) how accurate or inaccurate is your glow ovulation to your other method.

And lastly, when using OPK do you put it into the app. I’m asking b/c I noticed when you put the OPK into the app it changes your ovulation day automatically. And i think I want to stop putting it in the app just so I can see who accurate or inaccurate the app can be relative to the OPK. (But I still want to document it to look back on. And yes I save my strips and tape them to paper but that does no good when they dry up completely and the color changes so you can really tell)

I use two methods glow and and general OPK. I started using a OPK last month. The first time it was only two days off (not so bad in my eyes). This month I was suppose to ovulate tomorrow and clearly from the pic there’s a very high chance that’s not gonna happen.

Side note: I rushed to the bathroom this morning without my OPK so I had to wait to I got to work to test lol. And I was dying to drink my morning tea but couldn’t until I tested.