Sleep frustration


I’ve been really trying not to stress over my 5 month olds sleep but it’s hard not to get frustrated. He used to go down ok for a morning nap but now it’s so hard to get him to sleep in the day without going out for a walk or a drive. I’ve tried everything when I spot the signs of tiredness but he just will not sleep. However he doesn’t cry he just wants a cuddle and is really chilled out but I know he’s tired. It’s so frustrating that I’m doing everything to help him but he just doesn’t sleep. We’ve been doing a bedtime routine about 7ish since he was 2 months old and he’s going down really well. In the night he wakes about 2 and just wants cuddling or feeding back to sleep. As soon as I put him back in his crib he wakes up again. I keep telling myself to treasure these times when he just wants mummy to hold him but it’s sometimes hard not to get frustrated when all I want is sleep or a shower! Any advice?