Messed up cycle with early ovulation

Kathryn • Married💍Mom Of 4- 18, 16, 5, 9 months

Im at the end of my tww.

It has been the most jacked up cycle ever. I ovulated a whole week early. I use opks and it peaked on the 7th so i ovulated the 8th (ish)which was CD 14. my normal ovulation IS CD 20-21 LIKE CLOCKWORK since i began tracking in March. My period is set for next week based on my NORMAL cycle. But since i ovulated early i expect it any day now.

I have crazy amounts of ewcm for the past 5 or 6 days and I'm cramping a little and headache from hell making me nauseous and im SOOOO tired. But I keep getting negative tests. So hopefully ill get a positive or af will hurry up and show her ugly face so we can start again. Anyone else feel this way and get a late positive?

*Pic of me with ice packs on my head and neck to help the headache and my 3.5 year old big boy being good and snuggling so momma can rest.*