Am I wrong to be upset ?


I posted about this in this group earlier, but I accidentally left out some crucial details so let’s try again! I just moved out on Sunday to go to college, I’m two hours from home in a big city. My boyfriend has been talking about maybe driving 15 hours to another state to meet a friend for the first time with another friend. He got the time off work, he was just unsure if he was going to go because of money and school. He just told me today over the phone that he’s leaving this Saturday and staying for a week. This made me feel very upset because I feel like he could be using that time to see me instead. Along with this, I don’t have a car so we will see each other only when he makes the drive down. I am also very anxious about him traveling, even though I know he is smart and capable, it just makes me nervous for some reason, I’m not sure why. I didn’t say anything to him when he told me because I didn’t want to overreact or be controlling. We lived together before I left for school and saw each other every day and now not seeing him cold turkey has been really difficult. I’m extremely conflicted because I can’t tell if the loneliness is making me sensitive and controlling, or if my feelings are actually valid. What do you think? Thank you in advance. ❤️

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