Long distance


Here is the thing. I started dating my boyfriend after my freshman year of college. I love him dearly. He’s wonderful. I left for this year of college and I now live 13 hours away. Which is fine that’s how it works. I want him to visit but I’m also a student athlete so my time Is very limited. On top of that I transferred to a new university so I’m still getting settled. My boyfriend booked a flight to come see me, without asking first. And he can’t come then because it’s right before an event and I need to focus in my sport. He acted like it was all fine and he would just cancel the flight. But now he want to cram is in between the 2 days I have between class and my traveling for my tournament. And it’s stressing me out. He’s not listening when I try and tell him that I have to get settled here. And figure out how this team works with practice and everything else. And it’s driving me insane. I’m trying to accommodate everything but I cant drop everything for him to come here. IVE ONLY BEEN GONE A WEEK. NOT EVEN LONG ENOUGH TO UNPACK MY APARTMENTS. I NEED ADVICE ON HOW TO HANDLE THIS WITHOUT MAKING IT SEEM LIKE I DONT MISS HOM BC I DO