10 DPO blues

Mrs. Younq • - - >} MerQÛĒËŃ { < - - Engaged💍 to a KING #TTC bby#1 #LetGoAndLetGod to all my ladies #BD🌬💕🌬💙🤞🏾🌬✨

I dont know why but I just feel like my AF is coming Saturday.. and it’s so depressing... I’m really feeling to just let all this go .. and the only way I can is by deleting all my apps.. putting my opk to the side and just getting rid of all possibilities.. or a BFP ! cause even when I try to not think about it on my own .. and just live and enjoy life .. somewhere in the back of my mind this thought of having a baby is still playing like a broken record :( feeling so Drained and bummed out 😞 💔🖤