Post C Section

Autumn • Two little pooh bears waiting for us somewhere 11/11/2015

Hi Mamas! I was wondering for those who had to have a c section (mine was an emergency c section after dilating to a 7 and babys heart rate dropped significantly. Not sure if that matters but wanted to include it just in case). I am 2 weeks pp, and tonight i am running a low grade fever (100.7), with really bad chills, and dizziness when sitting still.

I wasnt sure if it was normal for this to happen, especially being 2 weeks pp? I only just started feeling this was tonight, no symptoms prior to this evening, just a bout of nausea that i got around 7:30pm. Baby is okay no fever, again i just wasnt sure if any other mamas experienced this or if i should call my dr? My pp apointment isnt until 6 weeks, otherwise i would just wait and ask my dr.

Thank you in advance ladies!