Braxton Hicks VS. Cramping?


35+6 with baby #2. With my baby I had lost of what I thought were Braxton Hicks hole stomach would get tight and I would have to sit down or take a min to breath but then it would pass and I would be fine. I had zero cramping or bleeding and was taken by complete surprise when real labor happened (I was induced) and it felt like period cramps. With this pregnancy I’ve had a lot of cramping (no bleeding) that spreads down my legs and through my back. Doesn’t come in waves like contractions should just short periods of time 30min to an hour and then goes away. significantly less Braxton Hicks this round though. Idk if my heads just playing tricks on me because I know what real labor feels like now or if it’s my body getting ready for the real thing and just preparing my pain tolerance.

Sorry for the super long post. What did practice contractions feel like for you?