Did you or your partner want a specific gender and get disappointed when you got the other??

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I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant and I genuinely don’t care at all what gender our baby is. My partner, on the other hand, really wants a boy. I have always known this but it didn’t concern me until tonight.

I told him ‘The lady at the bra shop said she thinks we’re having a girl based on my symptoms.’ And he let out a groan and seemed so disappointed.

Of course I know that gender predictions based on symptoms isn’t super accurate (and I actually have a lot of the ‘boy symptoms’ too), but I’m now worried that if we do have a girl my partner will be gutted and find it hard to bond with her.

We aren’t planning on finding out the gender, but now I’m wondering if we should so that if we do find out we’re having a girl, my partner can deal with that and accept it before she comes into the world.

Can you please share your experiences?? I need some advice on how to best proceed with this so my partner doesn’t dislike our baby!!!