Down in the dumps- Husband trouble 😏


Me and my husband have been together over 5 years, married 3. We have a daughter, and just recently bought a house.

Our relationship over the last 5 years has been amazing. I’m happy.


My husband makes so much money, he works hard, but keeps buying these “toys” like his motorcycle more recently and then accessories he doesn’t need. I’m currently not working for the last few months and I’ve told him we can’t afford that. He is literally driving us down a hole of debt. We haven’t paid my heat/electric bill, or our water bill, and we owe the plumbing company, and etc., etc., he literally cannot stop swiping his cards and pulling out money.

I can literally scream at him until I am blue in the face and he just tells me “I work hard for what I want... blah blah blah...”

He is driving us into a fucking hole I don’t know how to get out of. Luckily I start my new job next week but it’s going to be hard with his spending habits.

I literally had to potty train my daughter because we couldn’t afford diapers- thank god THAT was easy. 😥

I’ve been so unhappy with him the last few months. All we do is bicker. I hate when he touches me. I hate having sex with him and we’ve been TTC for a year now. I am happy with my life and my daughter, but I am NOT happy with him atm.

Every time I cook him a meal I make mine and my daughters food and sit down to eat, and him knowing we’re not in a good place gets all grumpy that I didn’t make him a plate of food so I end up making his food and literally every day I say “Here you go, master” 🙄🙄

And then every time I go to the store he asks me if I got him ice cream— NO TF I didn’t. I’m not buying extra stuff that we can’t afford.

And literally all I want is for him to pay attention to me and my daughter. I am feeling neglected. Lucky my daughter doesn’t realize it yet, since me and her are always doing stuff...

I’m thinking couples therapy is going to be in our cards soon... 💔

And then I had this fucking dream when I woke up, the reason for me posting because ughhh— oh my god this dream.

So basically in this dream we’re at our house and he invites his girl friend over and I invite my best friend over. Me and my friend are outside on the porch and he’s in the garage working on his motorcycle with this girl drinking. I go into the garage and tell him to stop drinking because he’s almost drunk. He gets loud mouthed with me and I’m just like okay whatever 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I go to the end of the garage by the driveway, and this girl is trying to get all over him and he allowed it and starts making out with her RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.

I get pissed and tip over his motorcycle and destroy the garage and toss shit every where.

Then I wake up. So here I am writing this post because I need to get it off my chest. I’m literally a ticking time bomb ready to explode.

Now my husband isn’t cheating on me, he keeps his phone unlocked and keeps his Snapchat location on. His phone is dryer than a biscuit.