My 5 yr old got hit at school

Isabel • Anything can happen

Hi, i wanted to come on here and ask ither moms/ parents for advice. My oldest is 5 yrs old and she barely started kindergarten. This would be her 2nd week at school and yesterday my husband picked her up and didnt notice her lip was swollen and bruised &she had a scratch on the top of her lip. I asked her what had happened and she said that a kid was swinging his water bottle and hit her in the mouth. I asked my husband to check her backpack to see if there was some incident report or anything explaining the incident. There was nothing! Now considering shes my oldest im pretty fucking new to the school system i dont really know how they handle situations but I would assume that any parent would want to know what happened to their child! I asked her if it was on purpose or accidentally, which I explained the differences between the two( only because she said it was done on purpose first) She ended up saying it was an accident. I go in this morning and ask her teacher, she says she didnt really know what happened and that when they went back in the classroom my daughter wasn't present and that she didnt know or wasnt even notified she (my daughter)was in the office. Then I asked if anyone was outside monitoring the KINDERGARTNERS (there are only 3 kindergarten classrooms) she asked 2 women and nobody knew!!

Let me tell you im mad at this point. (My thoughts and what i wanted to tell that lady who didnt know shit were going 1000 per mile) One lady said that all she knew is that when there is an incident they call home.

Yet I received nothing. My daughter is really shy. By the third day of class they weren't allowing parents to take their kids to their classrooms. I mean, I dont understand. Theyre children, some didnt attend preschool and theyre still a little timid. They're barely learning to read and write. Imean I just feel angry because they didnt let me know. Its okay if it was an accident. But then again what if it wasnt. Little kids are assholes okay. We all know that. My daughter has a busted lip and no one knows what happened. She doesnt even touch her food at school and im just thinking do the women out there watching them even give a shit or are they just fooling around talki g with eachother?????

Question is:

Is the school obligated to notify the childs parents when they get hurt? Especially when they are in kinder?!

I need to know if i should make this a big deal because Im angry! And i will not allow my child to get hurt or bullied around!!

Btw she attends a charter school if that makes any difference.