Really need advice. Silent miscarriage

On Friday I went for my first scan Should have been 11 weeks. They couldn’t see anything properly as it was a small facility but they said it didn’t look big enough for 11 weeks. So that made us scared. They couldn’t see us until the Sunday so we went private to have a scan. Which confirmed baby died at 10 weeks. Had another scan on Sunday and requested a D and C. This would be my third loss (others were about 6/7 weeks) so they want to test baby after miscarriage. Another reason for D and C. As it was the weekend I had to wait to hear when it could be done. Today I’ve been told it will be another week away for surgery.

Has anyone ever experienced a silent/ missed miscarriage around 10 +weeks ? Wondering when things will start happening and if I will make it another week.

I am very anxious about passing it/ the pain and catching it for testing. Sorry if that’s a bit graphic.

I’m in bits. Any advice will be grateful.

Sorry you are here reading this.