My Family Was Iffy About It When I First Told Them (read description!!)

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My first daughter's name is Juliana Michelle. Everyone fell in love with that name. I still get compliments all the time on how cute people think that name is. Was not intentional, I name my kids what I want not based on other people's opinions but I won't lie it's a good feeling to hear. However, I'm pregnant with my second girl and I'm naming her Avrie Rae (pronounced 'Avery')

I am so in love with it, I'm not changing it however my fiancés family seem to think it's a boys name and it doesn't seem like they're very fond of it. I'm not changing her name either way cus I absolutely love it, but it is heart breaking to know that people think it's a boys name!!! What do y'all think??

Side Note: I know Juliana and Avrie are very different but they're only gonna be 13 months apart and I already know (can't control it) no matter what theyre gonna be compared because they're siblings and close in age at that so I want to make sure they have different vibe kinda names so I can at least start them off and set them up to be their own person and confident regardless. I think both of the names together also just sound right. Idk if that makes sense but it does in my head lol. So there was a reason for that.

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