a genuine question

不気味な たいが • (gay/them) 🤠 harry potterin! at the disco bc i missed a naruto episode, loki darling ♐️

so basically i heard about this tweet a few months back and i just remembered it now. basically the tweet said something like “drop a like if your profile is a safe space for he/him and they/them lesbians” and honestly idc at all what your orientation or gender or pronuns are but i’m legitimately curious as to how this works.

so obviously you can go by whichever pronuns you like and that’s awesome, and you can be whatever orientation and that’s awesome too, but isn’t the definition of lesbian literally a homosexual woman?

i get how they/them pronouns work with that context because it’s neutral but he/him are usually considered male or masculine pronouns. and i don’t think gendered pronouns will ever stop being a thing, so i’m clearly okay and cool with you identifying as such but i don’t understand how that works if i’m a making any sense whatsoever??