Sleepy baby in womb

Ruby • 👼🏻 🤰🏻🌈 October '19 🐣

Currently 34+2 weeks. Anyone else's baby become deadweight in their womb while they sleep? She's moving normal each day I count kicks twice a day but notice when she's what I assume sleeping and I am laying down and switch positions, her little body slides to whatever side I end up in. It feels so weird I can literally move her little body back and forth lol

When I feel she's awake, she stays in one spot no matter what. She's in "oblique lie": "A baby is oblique when the baby’s head is in the mother’s hip. The baby’s body and head are diagonal, not vertical and not horizontal" ( so her head is on my left and body on the right hip. If she's awake and lay on my right side on her body she'll kick away and I end up switching positions and then she gets hiccups lol

Has anybody else felt this? Have you noticed a favorite position your baby has?