help what would you do?

Hi everyone,

Before I get into it, a little background would help.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half.

We are very happy.

He and I don’t live together nor do we even live close at all. He moved 6 hours away about 6 months ago for a construction job.

I am in nursing school and as well just got an amazing job at the hospital I can’t pass up.

I am also on birth control. I have been for two years now. I’ve never had any accidents/problems/scares.

Well about three months ago I started taking my birth control without any breaks (you know you take 3 weeks of active then one week for your period).

And this last month I switched back to my 3 weeks active and 1 week period.

Well we did have unprotected sex during that month (probably not the best idea I know) but we did.

Now I’m supposed to get my period like I normally would in two days and I have no signs or pms symptoms.

I’m a little worries I’m pregnant, I’m gonna wait until I miss my period to take a test.

Well I was talking to my boyfriend about be concerned that I may be pregnant and wanted to think about our options.

Well he said that abortion is not an option. And I have to disagree. And because I’m thinking of all the options, he says that if I choose abortion, that he will break up with me.

We just talked about getting engaged with up coming year and started planning our wedding.

I just don’t know what to do.

I’m 19, in nursing school, and working full time. He’s 20, lives 6 hours away, and is also working full time.

We don’t have time, money or a home for a baby.

I just wanted to know what everyone would do in my position.

Please be kind. I’m already a mess. Thank you all.