Pre eclampsia or anxiety?

I’ve been struggling with my blood pressure since 32 weeks I’m 35 now. I’ve been hospitalized for 3 days because my pressures fluctuated but stabilized. My doctor sent me home two days ago because I was stable enough but told me to come back if it was 160/110. Tonight during my normal self monitoring I fluctuated from the 170’s and 160’s so I came back in. I read high a couple times at the hospital but now I’m back to fluctuating highish to lowish. The nurse asked if I had anxiety which I’ve never been diagnosed with and I don’t feel anxious over anything. It makes me feel like I should’ve just stayed home and not come in especially because my pressures down into the 140’s again. Has anyone else had this issue. Is it anxiety and if I get discharged just ignore it because it’s my mind?