FEMALE hitch hikers and moral compass?


So I know some of you will find this obviously stupid, But since I lived in Louisiana I have felt moved enough while seeing a woman walking down the road with bags in the heat. Two times I have stopped to ask if they are OK because you never really know if they’re walking away from a husband and a bad life or Just without a vehicle and needing to get somewhere but having to do it on foot. Both times I have taken them to their Destinations and have always been really grateful for the help and compassion. They both ended up being homeless prostitutes after speaking with them during the ride and that’s not for me to judge as nice as they Ended up being I know that can turn out much different and I’m just wondering if my gut telling me I should help someone is enough to just help someone and not worry about what could happen. I am a petite woman and I would never pick up a man but there’s something about seeing a woman struggling to help.

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