Friend blocked my husband?

I need some advice. I have a guyfriend that my husband has always thought I’ve had a thing for. I never did. He and I have been friends about the same amt of time my hubby and I have known each other, about 8 years. But he lives out of state now and we’ve only hung out once in the last 5 years (we used to hang out more and had a pseudo band together), but the last time we hung out there was a weird connection that felt scary strong but we did not act on it and my husband was there with us the whole time. We’ve chatted on Instagram *as friends* about normal things we’ve always talked about and usually responding to one of our stories or something.

My husband has always felt threaten by this guy, which came as a huge surprise to me since I never did or said anything that would make him feel that way but I can understand his feelings.

My husband added him on Instagram recently, then my friend added him back. Then yesterday I announced my pregnancy and my friend full on blocked my husband. Wtf? We are both really confused and my husband is reading into it thinking there’s more between us than he knows about (there isn’t), but I don’t understand why he would block my husband.

Should I ignore it? Talk to my friend? What would you do? Am I in the wrong for ever even staying friends with this guy and talking to him on occasion?