Spotting but no period??

Emilee • Wifed up; actively trying to be mommed up ♥️

Okay ladies, my husband and I have been TTC for 4+ years but I have PCOS and we never even have scares. I have super irregular periods and unless I take progesterone (10 days a month to force a period) I don’t bleed. I didn’t take the medicine in July so I didn’t have a period at all. I took it in August and I expected to have a pretty bad period since I didn’t bleed in July. I didn’t start until 9 days after I ended my progesterone and I only spotted for 4 days and it was SUPER light, like I didn’t have to wear a pad or anything. It was only there when I wiped. It was brown and very very light pink.

All tests are negative (except for evap lines I’m assuming)

Did I ovulate late possibly? I guess I’m just wondering if anyone had this happen? Helppppp