Girl Talk keep negative comments to self

I have been with my child’s father for 9 years on and off he had a kid on me and I stayed with him his son is now 1 years old and now we have a son that is currently 6 months old and while I was pregnant with our son we split up again and he went back to his first sons mother and now they have a new 3 month old.... so fast forward after had our son we realized how much we mean to each other and got back together he moved into my apartment and we currently live together however I still always have these feels and sometimes nightmares that he is messing with her and over the time that we have moved in together I have realized I’m a sex addict and that I like to have sex with him everyday and he does not feel the same so with my sex drive being so strong it’s hard for me to remain calm .... I’m loosing myself because I’m feeling like I don’t want to do something drastic or hurt him but I have needs ... ladies what is really going on ? 😒