I FEEL DEPRESSED...Does anyone know what I can do from home to make money?

I had a baby 10 months ago, but I’m still super exhausted and sleep deprived. I have zero motivation. I have trouble cleaning the house and cooking daily. I used to have no problem doing these things. I do suffer from anxiety, so I’m not sure if the lack of sleep is causing it to become worse, or if it’s something else? My daughter STILL isn’t sleeping through the night. I just can’t handle it anymore! I’m just unhappy. I fight all the time with SO. My child annoys me at times (which I feel horrible for). I just don’t want to leave the house or interact with anyone!

I was planning to watch a few kids from home and made my entire living room into a daycare but it’s honestly driving me nuts that I don’t have a nice house with decor. I know it sounds stupid but that’s what makes me happy. I think because I just see toys everywhere (I don’t even have a kitchen table anymore) and my house isn’t organized and I have trouble cleaning the mess I just feel depressed almost. I feel lazy. Exhausted. Sick. Etc.

I honestly don’t want to do daycare at this point. Unless I have a few toys and just charge less but then there may not even be a point and everyone that does daycare in my area has a really nice area. So I may not even get kids.

Does anyone know what I can do to gain my energy back or anything to make me happy, not feel so down? Anything I can do to make money from home where I don’t have to interact with people? I need to start helping my boyfriend out with money!