Ovulation confusion!!

Hannah • I love Jesus and my sweet family!

OK, I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months. This is my second month of ovulation test strips. Last month I got a very solid positive and I had sex that day and after...

I ended up having my period 2 days early. (Here is a screenshot of my month for reference)

I just took an ovulation test and I am just ending my period today, (pictures) just some spotting left. And this is kind of close to a positive. Do you guys think that I am ovulating really early? Is it possible to ovulate this early. I know this is a negative test but if it’s positive in the next couple days that is confusing. When do you start taking these tests? I’m lost.

I got a HIGH opk the 20th. Was due for period sept 4th! Help!

Today’s test- light spotting some brownish discharge ending period.