Opinions on nitrous oxide during labor


I'm a first time mommy currently 36 weeks pregnant and have been researching the availible pain relief options for labor. Personally I'd like to attempt labor without an epidural, like many others have stated, and know that it's very possible to do so. I recently came across some research regarding nitrous oxide during labor to 'ease' the pain/anxiety of labor (I'm aware it doesn't make it go away and have no misconception about that). Anyone here know someone (or are someone) who has used this method in recent? It apparently went away a while back and in the last 6 years or so, has been making a comeback with the rise of alternative, more natural laboring methods.

I currently plan on delivering in a birthcare center with an OBGYN and still don't know for sure if the center even offers this method until I can ask at my next appointment. But I'm curious to see of anyone can give me a personal story insight? The cons are basically nonexistant and it sounds like a great in between method for those that want to avoid the limitations of an epidural but also want help to relax during labor.