Conception Pills... Any thoughts?? UPDATE !

Rayven • TTC for our rainbow baby 👶 🌈

UPDATE: Hey Ladies! So AF did show her ugly face this morning but I’m happy and sad.. Because.....back story... Since my very FIRST period, AF has always been 3-4 days long and was ALWAYS on time if not, a day early. And It always shows in the morning as well. And I’ve seen clear cm in my undies when I was a teen but I didn’t know what it was lol. My parents put me on the BC implant when I was 16, at the time my husband was my boyfriend. ( yep, I married my grade school sweetheart with one and only one body count❤️). That BC destroyed my cycle. I had periods that last for 2 months and no period for 2 months . I didn’t quite make it to the 3 year mark with the BC implant. I got it removed Aug. 2017 at 19 when I had gotten married and moved out for almost a year. Instantly my period went back to normal! Of course it took a while to get pregnant because of the hormones still in my body but I got a BFP my first time Jan.31.2019 but unfortunately miscarriage 5 days later. After my miscarriage, my cycle would still be 3-4 days BUT AF would ALWAYS be 4-5 days later than expected. And on the first day it would start off at night and spotting. I NEVER spot on day 1. It’s BOOM 💥 straight tsunami 😂 (Would this count as irregular cycles??) For 7 going on 8 months, AF has been wasting my money on pregnancy test because every month she’s late, I think it’s my luck with a rainbow 🌈 baby 😭. Since my period always shows 4-5 days late, I think I haven’t been ovulating because TMI: (post miscarriage) After AFs, I don’t have dry days or clear cm. I go straight into white cm and it’ll last until my next cycle!. White cm is known infertile. (Correct me if I’m wrong) But weird right? So I started taking Conception on 8.30.19. Because I read it help with ovulation and regulating cycles. And a lot of people people got pregnant the first try. Af did come. But SHE CAME ON TIME! The first time in almost a year, she actually can on the day both my menstrual calendars expected like it was before! So no Ladies it didn’t make my periods longer. I guess it regulated it. I’m bummed she showed but hopefully I’ll ovulate this month. ❤️ Side note: I know a lot of people had concerns about the Vitex. I like conception, I only take them on the first half of my cycle and I stop when started the TTW. Sorry for the long story. Hopes this helps! Baby dust and prayers to us all ✨

I’ve read a lot of good reviews on these that it helps with conceiving. Started taking them the day after my period ended (8/30/19). AF is expected on 9/22/19. Currently 3 DPO! But anyone that has experience with these, feel free to give some feedback and I will also stay posted on my end! 🤗 🌈