5 days spotting/light period; faint bfp - pregnant or chemical pregnancy?


Hi everyone!

I started spotting brown 6 days ago - just few stains on a pad. Then I started light period the next day and it’s been going on for 5 days already - no clots. Then starting yesterday the blood got a bit brighter - few bright red drops in few hours, so I can get by with 1 daily pad for almost 10 hours without changing.

I took a pregnancy test today and it was faint positive, very faint.

I feel cramps here and there but not severe.

I think I might have chemical pregnancy but why my period is still light and no clots?

Sorry for TMI. Pic attached

Forgot to mention - I started spotting on CD26 (I am fairly regular, my cycle is 27 days on average).

Also, my BBT has been still elevated - above 98.