Possible Miscarriage?


3 months ago I miscarried at 10 weeks. Husby and I started trying again this month. I have been feeling little twinges in my abdomen for the past week-similar to the first time I was pregnant. 2 nights ago I went to emergency after 12 hours of seriously intense abdominal pain. They did a blood test (I was 4 or 5 dpo) and said I am not pregnant. (I read that a blood test cannot detect pregnancy until 6 dpo.) Doctors sent me home with morphine and no explanation to my pain.

Today I have started bleeding; my period is not due for another 1.5 weeks, and I have NEVER been sooner than 28 days. (Regular cycle is 33 days). Is it possible the blood test was wrong? Could I be having another miscarriage?