Elective ultrasound was totally worth it IMO...


Our baby is shy & uncooperative during all our ultrasounds thus far- so we decided to do an elective one for gender and are so glad we did.

The studio was really pretty and relaxing and everyone had more time & energy & enthusiasm for us compared to our Dr's office. Every time I get a medical ultrasound it's like they turn me upside down on the table and shake the heck out of my tummy to get baby to move into another position. It always made me sad.

This experience was different- although baby was stubborn again with legs literally crossed closed- they were able to patiently wait 20-30 minutes with me and didn't force/shake my belly to make baby move. It was the first time I was happy during an ultrasound so if your experiences are like mine it may be worth it. Mine was $80 for 30 minutes plus 2 gender reveal cupcakes & about a dozen pictures... very convenient on a Saturday.