Feeling somewhat betrayed

Me and my husband were hanging out with some friends yesterday. He and his friends went to the store to buy some more beer (he was a little buzzed already) they came back. I went to ask him what time we were leaving and on his smart watch it said he got a text from tanya. We don't have friends of the opposite sex because of previous issues. So i asked who is tanya and he said no one. I asked him to show me what it said and he refused (btw i dont go through his phone). It got me upset because i knew something was going on and when i confronted him, he lied about it 2 other times. Finally, when i was leaving because i was so upset he admitted to me he saw this girl he knew from a long time ago and he got her # to catch up. And that he was sorry and said at least im being honest with you. It upset me more because he denied it and lied about it, now it makes me question other things. I believe that he does love me, but i just feel so betrayed and don't know if it's justified. Would like to know your thoughts?