Inlaw rant!!

So off out for a meal and mil + fil come from another park of the U.K. (With their other grandchild who's 2) we went to a restaurant and there was a 45 min wait and they refused as the child couldn't eat that late baring in mind it was already 7 o'clock! Then had a moan because I can't eat Chinese since being pregnant and that's what she wanted. So we went somewhere else at this point it was nearly 8 we sat down Orlando ordered then it was a problem we had waited 20 mins for good and they wanted to go home, then the 2 year old was crying as she was defiantly tired and all my fil done was main about how his kids wouldn't have done that or he would have taken them home! She's 2 years old and been stuck in a car travelling all day to do the same again that night! Even told my partner that if our daughter does that we shouldn't take her to public places as other people don't like it!! Excuse me I'll do what I want with my daughter thank you very much!! As we were leaving she cried too and he smacked her hand and took her to the car!! She's tired and 2 years old!! They only ever bother with my partner if they want money and expect us to start to travel to them for 5hrs on a train when I'm nearly 7 months pregnant!! And they didn't even ask how me and their grandchild are doing!! Ahhhh Sorry rant over :)))