Feeling alone

My SO wanted this baby more than anything (as did I) but now that I'm pregnant, I feel like it doesn't phase him. I feel so excited about all the changes I get to experience like feeling the kicks get stronger and see my belly morph into a strange shape etc. Whenever I put his hand on my belly to feel her move, he keeps it there for 1 min max. then takes it away. I tell him he has to be patient but it's like and inconvenience or something. Sometimes I'll lay there and tell him to watch my belly as you can See the kicks he will look for 10 seconds then look away. As soon as she kicks I look at him and he's not even looking. He never talks to her or kisses my belly either. Maybe I'm just being hormonal, I don't know... he doesn't even read any books or have any apps to be up to date on her progression, or to understand what im going through. he never asks how I'm feeling and still thinks I can do heavy lifting etc. Am I being rediculous or do I have a right to feel this way? I expressed my feelings to him tonight and he said I'm overreacting.