Stopping prescription drugs

Sierra • Hi all :)
Hello ladies, so I am approaching 7 weeks pregnant and This is baby number 2 for me. I have a two year old little girl. We are anxiously waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl! I want a boy so bad, but a healthy baby boy or girl will be perfect. :) I'm so excited to have this baby, but not too excited to be pregnant. I gained 100 pounds with my last pregnancy. I struggle with depression and anxiety and ADD & was on meds for 2 years, but quit cold turkey recently upon finding out I'm pregnant. Lately, All I wanna do is eat and sleep and maybe throw up. 😞 anybody else have mental health issues they are dealing with? I'm used to taking adderall and vyvance daily and without taking them anymore I literally feel like sleeping all day. I don't have a drop of energy... I know stopping my meds is best for the baby & I wouldn't consider taking anything being pregnant, but does anyone have any experience coming off of these meds and know how to help me cope? I'm dying here! I have to go to work despite my complete lack of any sort of energy. Any advice would be appreciated.