Shatavari for women health

I have been using this for year and love it! Before using this I had the worst periods! It was normal for me to have 7 day periods, bleed heavy, cramp so intense that I would have the poops, throw up, and pass out! After taking these capsules (2-3 a day) I have 4-5 day periods, little to no cramping, no noticeable bloating, light bleeding, and no mood swings (which I hardly had before). I do however still crave Chinese food and chocolate! Anyway I wanted to share this amazing supplement. I found out about it while listening to a David Wolfe podcast (he's a health food/all natural guru). It helps balance/cleanse/regulate, your reproductive system and is amazing for those who are trying to get pregnant. It's also great for pre and post menopause. Please do your research and consult an herbalist/naturopathologic Doctor, before taking these. They work for me!