Would you be fine with sleeping in an alter room?

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-- My fwb is looking to buy a house. Eventually, I'll be living with him (least that's what we're hoping on - it's a long story and that isn't the point of this thread). 
-- He knows I'd really like to have an alter room - a space where I can go to pray and do rituals. I know it's not considered proper for a Witch to let anyone in to her alter room, but he and I both have large extended families, so when they came to visit, we'd need the extra room for them. What I'd do is lock my actual alter and everything else up in that rooms closet. So there'd be a bed and everything in there instead. And I'd just have to sage-cleanse the room after they're gone. 
-- This is all hypothetical at this point, but I'm just wondering. If you aren't a pagan (both of our families are actually pretty big in Christianity), would you be ok with sleeping in an alter room like that? Just for a couple days? The room would look different from the rest of the house (namely the color scheme), but I wouldn't leave any pagan paintings up or things like that.