Attention all Men & Girls that like Girls!!! This ones for you.

Ok yall so I would love COMPLETE honesty, no one will see which one you voted for so let's be honest!

Some people claim they prefer an all natural girl BUT just picture a girl standing there with her makeup done all sexy, lips slightly done like Angelina Jolie, fake lashes that look long & real, real nice boob job and anything else that can be enhanced. Now picture a girl that doesn't have any of that done at all not even makeup.

Which one would get your attention in a good way?

I am a female & I am straight and all I usually do is makeup every so often & the rest of me is natural but I must admit if I see a girl that has any of above mentioned or all done I think it's sexy. But at the same time natural is sexy as well I guess it all just depends so I'm wondering what everyone else thinks?

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