Progesterone Cream ... Thoughts?

⚡️LaLuna • My beautiful rainbow baby arrived on her due date! Baby girl born on 7/2/16. :)
So I've had two early miscarriages this summer. Been doing a lot of (google and glow) "research" and my guess is possibly a low progesterone problem. Obviously I am not a doctor nor am I seeking medical advice. I have an appointment in a few weeks with a real OB to discuss everything. However, in the meantime, I purchased some "emerita pro-gest" progesterone cream. Have been TTC again wanted to try a progesterone supplement to see if maybe that could help. It's USP grade and all natural. I wanted to try this now as I'm at the point in my cycle where they recommend taking it and wanted to go ahead and give it a try because it will be too late in my cycle of I wait until I see doc and have actually conceived in the meantime. 
Any thoughts/experiences you ladies have had using a cream like this? We're you self-medicating or was it recommended by your doc? 
Just curious!  Thanks!  :D