Milky Thin Discharge? Is this pregnancy normal?

I went searching for my cervical fluid because I was late 8 days with period, (although it did come) it was a weird period. I've been fatigued for 3 weeks (I'm napping midday and sleeping around 9 pm), my boobs look bigger, and I've been very emotional. I have a OBGYN visit on the 22nd of this month, because the tests I took at home came negative. My abdomen is tender and certain smells are bugging me.
I was wondering, (I'm supposedly according to this app in my fertility window) but my cervical fluid is not that egg white consistency, it's not sticky, tacky. It's this creamy white, thin fluid, which when you rub feels like lotion (has some texture.) Looks like I have a lot too. It looks milkier in person too, the photo didn't capture it right.
Any thoughts?
Thank you!