D&C? Really?

Cassie • Currently pregnant and I have an amazing 9 year old daughter!!!
So ladies, last two weeks have been pure hell for me. First my doctor said every thing looked great with pregnancy then later said I would lose baby due to him thinking it was a chemical pregnancy. So he had me thinking I'm about to lose my baby in a matter of days because my numbers were 50.7, 337, 443, and 446 all a week apart except the last two listed. I took the Clearblue digital test and it said negative then two days later positive and 1-2 weeks. So two days later I had a doctors appointment then did all the bloodwork ect. My thing is I was clearly super early in my pregnancy and didn't remember the last time I had my period because they are so irregular. So I clearly was about a week pregnant so my numbers couldn't be high like he wanted them to be, this will be the week I make 5 weeks according to the test I took. My question is how can he make a diagnosis like that? He has me thinking I'm going to lose this baby, saying my Hcg levels were off. My question is I clearly was early and ovulated late, he was wanting to do a D&C and everything. Could me being really early be why my numbers weren't adding up? He also said I would start my period in the next ten days, well nothing happened and I'm still very pregnant and I'm peeing on test every two days and they are getting darker. What am I supposed to think about all of this? I need your opinions and experiences, I couldn't even enjoy this pregnancy just from worrying so much!!!! Ugh help me ladies!!!!