Dearest sil

My dear SIL screw you and your mood swings

I’m sick and tired keeping up with your mood.

If you’re mad at me then tell me I don’t want to read between lines.

And after yours many bad words I got from you I kept my mouth shut because after you help us I didn’t want you to see me ungrateful.

If you are drunk then your mouth will not shut up and making me feel bad just telling me how you helped my husband and me and that would be constantly every single time.Because you’re one of those “I will tell you everything in your eyes,but don’t give a damn if I offend you with my words I’m just honest person”. Screw you and your honesty.

Don’t compare me and you “oh I have kids you don’t know how it is you are sleeping doing nothing “.I have my way of doing housework paperwork and everything else so don’t tell me your way of doing it .

Yes you are perfect daughter in law but I don’t want to “fight” for in laws love,hell nah I’m good.

So screw You for everything because I will not stuck up to your butt I’m grateful for what you did but what in hell you want from me.To lick your feet to show how grateful I am?!